Kato de10。 Diesel Locomotive Type DE10

DE10 Japan Freight Railway Renewed Color (Model Train)

Refused products will be returned to you without repair at no cost to you. Naturally, other shipping means are also available. There are some fairly complicated instructions for ordering from outside Japan on , but they do take Paypal thanks to bill937ca for the tip. Rectangular platforms, both side and island, are 248mm long and 41mm wide, with a height of 14mm. Already have an account? With many user installed parts and lettering• Your patience is appreciated. DE10 1598, which is equipped with wipers and plow, had this paint scheme as of December 2009, but appears to be assigned to Toyama, on the Sea of Japan coast. Wholesalers occasionally put restrictions on the number of pre-orders for extremely popular items, in which case we would be unable to deliver the items to every customer. 23-117 Suburban Island Platform End B - Contains a pair of long end platforms roofless The platform surface has a gray asphalt surface not tile , with painted-on yellow safety lines. これにて整備完了です。 Left: R718 end inside 6 switch; Right: end platform with surface removed. 別途消費税がかかります。



css, jquery. Unitrack sections are mostly in divisions of 248mm lengths e. I managed to break one of the two lenses in the process, but only slightly and the resulting assembly still worked pretty well once reassembled. This is useful, as it allows the base to be separated from the pavement for spray-painting. This is the blue tool used for removing Unijoiners, which comes in several of their sets. However height is slightly different, at 14. 写真ではライトの関係で、足回りが機体色に近い明るいグレーに見えますが、実物はと同じく少し暗めのグレーとなっています。 For warranty repairs, Kato will pay the cost of return shipping. This is a 1:160 figure, but the difference from the 1:150 model is unlikely to be obvious with just the head and torso showing through the window. Walkway Removal• In practice this is indistinguishable. Also requires a platform segment. As noted above there are some better options if you want to order from Japanese manufacturers, but these are a little more complicated than ordering trains from one of the big hobby shops there. If you click on the model name it will get you to the builder web page for the model, where you can download spare parts catalogue or similar mainly with Kato, others don't have a web page with a lot of info. Step 2: lift the walkways away from the undercarriage small bumps on the weight tend to hold it in place, so a mild amount of prying is required, but it comes off easily. Very high quality items with excellent details• Lightboard and Decoder• 最後に付属品。


鉄道事始: KATO HO DE10 分解予備調査

This set is the only way to get 124mm concrete-tie straight track. Their performance, reliability and renowned re-sale values lead the industry. Decoder Side View• さらに細部もチェック。



といっても、のように車体への穴あけ加工が必要な部品も無いので、特に難しいことは無いです。 At that time, we encourage the modeler to first consider doing the repair at home, further developing modeling skills. DE10 with red and while number boards, dummy couplers and gold detail; horn The gold part mystified me at first. -While the replacement with the new model is progressing, it is active throughout the country after renewal work. そんなわけで本日は、を弄ってインドア活動を決め込み、久々となる購入レビューをお届けします。 Welcome to ModelTrainPlus! 発売延期を食らって首を長くして待っていた製品でしたが、思っていた以上に良い出来なので、買ってよかったかなと思います。


This locomotive is primarily used for switching train cars in yards, while other uses are pulling construction trains and passenger trains. large beige store - 21 mm w x 82 mm l all, no extra stuff x 20 mm h main body , 23 mm high part plus some bumps that stick up a couple more mm This has even less of an interior, and from the photo stickers go on the windows to suggest shelving. Light unit uses light bulb color LED. Note that the individual platforms will have different mounting holes for roofs and accessories signs, benches, etc and thus are not completely interchangeable. Before you can put the hood back on, the long-hood light-pipe needs to be shortened radically. Exquisite product with beautiful craftsmanship Limited Edition• Decoder Installed• Share your favorite store with your friends and receive rewards. Step 7: reassemble the weight, motor, brass strips, undercarriage and walkway reverse of disassembly Step 8: insulate. css, jquery. KATOの機関車は、保安装置の識別機号も印刷されていることが多いですが、本製品では省略されています。

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, insert into frame side so that the motor tab is touching the uninsulated inside face. It is also longer, and while it has the same textured yellow safety stripe and edging, the middle reflects an asphalt surface rather than tile, similar to the short ends found in the 23-120 set. Please confirm your e-mail address!! 23-105 R481 end left and 23-103 R718 right 23-106 Island Platform D: - Open platform segment no roof , 248 mm, with two signboards and two dummy lampposts 20-806 Island Platform Complete Set one each 23-100, 23-101, 23-103, 23-104 Note: the roofed island platforms have removable segments on each roof that can be used for stairs leading to an overhead station the Overhead Station, 23-200; the cut-out on the asphalt platforms is wrong for the Modern Overhead Transit Station, 23-122 , or for the Signal Tower 23-315. Mounting holes for accessories differ between the two types of platforms, and the new roofs lack the cutouts that allowed installation of the signal tower or overhead stairs. Shipping Information Both to and from Kato USA :• Frame before Milling• 今回製品化されたのは、からに継承されたDE10のうち、旋回窓なし・スノープロウありのB寒地型で、大宮工場で更新工事を施工した「大宮更新色」を纏う姿の機体がモデルとなっています。